Create your own map prints with iLikeMaps Creator

Find, Design and Print your city

Over my 5 years in business, I have made over 1,000 custom maps for clients around the world. While I offer over 200 major cities in most of our collections, many clients requested special places where they grew up, studied, lived, etc.

I was very happy to design these special maps for our clients, however the process was more costly and time-consuming for everyone.

Introducing iLikeMaps Creator

To address the ever-expanding need for custom maps, I am very proud to announce iLikeMaps Creator.

This web application allows you to find their favorite cities, pan, zoom, style and resize their map. You can then generate a high resolution preview and order a map print straight from our website.

The ordered map comes with the same 5-star service as any iLikeMaps products: free shipping, lifetime warranty and easy support by email.

Try iLikeMaps Creator now!

iLikeMaps Creator is still in development (beta). Some bug may happen. You can still purchase in full confidence. We review each map extensively before sending them to you. 

Custom Map Product Page
Custom Map Product Page